Origin of ministry 

The mission of Marriage and Family For Christ (MFFC) is a diversified ministry to strengthen the relationships in marriage and family of Chinese Christians. Since its inception, MFFC has conducted many Marriage Enrichment Retreats in Sydney and other states to provide assistance to many married couples. However, a good marriage depends not only on the work done after getting married. If a foundation of healthy relationship is laid during adolescence or young adulthood, it will pave the way for a successful marriage in the future. This is the need that gives birth of the ministry in Young Christian relationship development camp.


To nurture and teach young Chinese Christians in Australia to develop relationships in a way that benefits the community and glorifies God.


Through Biblical truth and teaching, to support young Chinese Christians in developing an emotionally healthy relationship in order to lay a strong foundation for marriage relationship in the future.

The Young Christian Relationship Development Camp is a 3-day 2-night event. It involved talks, workshops, testimony sharing, discussion groups, and many diversified activities. Through interaction, meditation, and studying biblical truths, the participants can explore the challenges they are facing.

This camp provides a platform for young Christians to explore how to apply biblical principles to dealing with issues they encounter from being a single to being married. It covers subjects such as different stages of courtship and its issues in communication, what it means to be a single, knowing oneself, different perspectives of man and woman on courtship, the pain of breaking off, facing temptation of sex, appropriate attitudes towards marriage. These will help the campers find the correct attitude towards courtship in this day and age polluted by misinformation from the media.

Young Christian Relationship Development Camps in the past:

Date Theme Leader Number of campers
July 2003 Steady on the zebra crossing of love Rev. Walter Lau (from San Francisco) 120
July 2005 Love Manual (leaders edition) v2.005 Prof. Milton Wan & Mrs Wan (from Hong Kong) 70
July 2007 Love Channel R Rev. Young Man Chan (from Hong Kong) 70
July 2009 Love GPS MFFC Youth Ministry Team 90
Aug 2011 Wash Off Rev. Peter Chi Dik Ho & Mrs Ho (from Hong Kong) 108
Date Theme Leader City Number of campers
Sept 2006 They lived happily ever after ... MFFC Youth Ministry Team Perth 80
July 2007 Love Channel R MFFC Youth Ministry Team Melbourne 110
July 2008 Love Channel R MFFC Youth Ministry Team Perth 100
July 2009 Love GPS MFFC Youth Ministry Team Adelaide 70
July 2010 Love GPS MFFC Youth Ministry Team Brisbane 110
July 2010 Love GPS MFFC Youth Ministry Team Canberra 30
July 2012 iDate4S MFFC Youth Ministry Team Perth 54
July 2013 Extraordinary. Love MFFC Youth Ministry Team Adelaide 70

We welcome invitation from churches and fellowship groups to conduct workshop for them. The theme of the workshop is "Love with Rules". Society in the twenty first century has a new interpretation on courtship and marriage. This workshop is to find out what courtship according to God's will is. Its target participants are those who have not been, or have been, or are being in courtship.

  • Alice TO
  • Amy YIP
  • Annie HO
  • Carrie TAM
  • Dennis WONG
  • Jason YIP
  • Joanne LEE
  • Johnny LAM
  • Patrick TSE
  • Ryan TAM
  • Sally WONG
  • Selene TSE
  • Simon HO
  • Woody LAM


  • Rev. Jackie W Chan