Marriage Enrichment Retreat 2

MER2 Training Course


  • To help the couples, who have gone through MER training course, to reach a higher level, to “GO HIGHER” in their relationship with God, and to GROW DEEPER in their relationship with each other.
  • To teach the couples how to improve in their communication so that their marriage and relationship may be strengthened. Even couples who are happy in their marriage will find there is room for improvement.
  • To help those couples, who are already very caring for each other, to spend time in nurturing their relationship so that they can live out their full potentials.
  • To help those couples, who already have a strong relationship and yet still have a strong desire to learn, to know how to love each other even more harmoniously, so that they can prevent serious problems from arising in their marriage.


  • To enable each participant to have a better understanding of self and spouse, with an emphasis on their strength, good points, and potential to grow in their relationship.
  • To find out the direction of growth in their relationship.
  • To cultivate and apply the skill in effective communication, problem solving and conflict resolution.
  • To learn the methods and skills for growing together in their relationship.
  • To promote a sense of intimacy and oneness between husband and wife.
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