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The mission of MFFC is a diversified ministry in marriage and family renewal in order to strengthen the relationships in marriage and family of Chinese Christians for them to live out a testimony for the Lord in this day and age. Our ministry also serves to help the next generation to become good witnesses in their development. Here is our appeal for you to participate and support our ministry so that the grace and blessing of God for you will be extended to other families. Glory be to God as families benefit from our ministry. We hope you will make the following responses.


As MFFC’s ministry continues to develop, we sincerely invite you to volunteer your service in the following areas:

  • Paperwork and filing
  • Management of computers, networks and office equipment
  • Graphic design
  • Library
  • Events support

We hope brothers and sisters in Christ will get involved as volunteers so that as we serve together we can experience the guidance and grace of God.


MFFC was approved by the government to become a registered marriage counselling organisation. As a result, MFFC is exempt from tax, and any donation of more than two dollars to MFFC is tax deductable.

Donors can choose to make donation by specifying in their will the portion of their estate to be donated to MFFC after their death. Please contact your lawyer or financial consultant for legal or tax advice related to this kind of donation.


MFFC’s ministry is also a service of prayer. Prayer is the only way to spiritual victory. Prayer brings us into intimacy with God. Through prayer Christians around the world are connected by the Holy Spirit transcending space and time. Through prayer, we can connect with God, our source of unlimited power and life.

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