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OZ MFFC Mail and CFFC Quarterly Magazine have been providing much encouragement and strengthening to the readers. As electronic publishing through internet is catching on, MFFC has started promoting E-Reading in 2013. This helps in reducing expenses for printing and postage, enabling MFFC to divert the saving to other ministries. The environment is also benefited with a reduction in waste.

According to the E-Reading plan, MFFC will distribution electronically the CFFC Quarterly Magazine and OZ MFFC Mail. We will also electronically and regularly distribute our StayConnected articles. Electronic version of these publications can also be downloaded from MFFC’s website.

MFFC will still be producing printed version of our publications mainly for circulation in the churches. If you subscribe to our publication but don’t have a special need for printed version, MFFC will deliver our publication electronically. If you have a special need for printed version, MFFC is also pleased to meet your request.

If you want us to update your personal information in our record, or to make sure your email address and postal address are correct in our subscription list, please email us on or call our office on (612)9622 1925. Thanks for your support.

(All the articles, photos and pictures in this publication are copyrighted and cannot be republished or reprinted in any form without written permission.)

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