Marriage Enrichment Retreat

MER Training Course

The Marriage Enrichment Retreat Training Course conducted by MFFC is based on the world’s best marriage counselling methods with essential elements for rebuilding marriages. It also takes into account the unique family characteristics and dynamics of the Chinese culture. Since 1990, this training course has been trialed and proved effective.

As the world is experiencing break-ups of marriages and families at an unprecedented rate, the Chinese churches are faced with the urgent task of healing, reviving and preventing failure of marriages in trouble among the Chinese Christian families. MFFC aims at building and enriching a loving relationship between husband and wife, helping them to improve communication and to be in oneness.


In the retreat, husband and wife can spend 3 days and 2 nights away from concerns of the world so that they can focus on each other and the following purposes can be achieved in their marriage:

  • Through practical examples, to help husband and wife to apply biblical truths to their relationship.
  • To use, in a simple and easy-to-understand manner, the knowledge and experiences based on research and practices in the fields of human behavioural science and marriage and family counselling to strengthen marriage relationship.
  • To provide husband and wife with proven and effective methods to improve their communication skill, to resolve conflict, to grow their love, and to walk in unity of heart.


  • To bring the couples to a higher level of understanding each other
  • To help them to focus on each other’s strength and good points, so that they may grow together in their marriage to reach their potentials.
  • To establish direction of growth in their marriage.
  • To learn and exercise effective communication as well as the skill in solving problems.
  • To learn the skill that conduces growing together in a positive way.
  • To promote a sense of intimacy and empathy in the couple.
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