Marriage & Family For Christ (MFFC)

About Marriage and Family For Christ

Marriage & Family For Christ (MFFC) is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian faith based organisation. In a society where brokenness in marriages and families is commonplace, MFFC’s ministry is in renewal of marriage and family to bring happiness back in families.

In 1990, the chairman of Chinese Family For Christ (CFFC), Dr Peter Chiu and his wife, Josephine Chiu, came from the US to Sydney to initiate the ministry in renewal of marriage and family. Through them, God brought renewal into the marriage and family of many Christians.

MFFC grew out of the existence as a Sydney-based coordination group for CFFC. In 1998, MFFC became a branch of CFFC in Australia, working closely with CFFC since. On 23rd October of the same year, MFFC was approved by government to become a registered marriage counselling organisation. As a result, MFFC is exempt from tax, and any donation of more than two dollars to MFFC is tax deductable.

May God lead and help MFFC to accomplish the mission of strengthening relationships in marriage and family.

Vision and Mission


To build up Christian characters of the couples we serve so that they can live out a Christ-like life.


To enrich the marriage relationship of couples through their participation in the enrichment retreat and the follow-up fellowship in order to bring about a revival of their spiritual life leading to a holistic Christian character development.

Core value, Philosophy and Spirit

Core value

Want nothing for oneself, but give everything to the Lord. Live out a life to impact life in ministry.

Philosophy and Spirit

  • Life with life fellowship, serving together with gifts
  • Life more important than gifts, relationship more important than ministry (Ephesians 2:10; Isaiah 64:8)
  • Life before ministry, characters more important than exteriors.
  • Submission before mission (1 Samuel 15:22)
  • Team more important than individual. Esteem others better than oneself. (Philippians 2:3-4)
  • The Lord must be greater. I must become less. (John 3:30)

Goals and Ministry


  • Seek to work with churches to strengthen and renew relationships in Christian families through ministries such as preventative initiatives, training, research and counselling.
  • Prevent the breakdown of marriage and family.
  • Bring about holistic renewal of characters and commitment of whole family to the Lord. To spread the gospel through personal and family testimonies in order to accomplish the Great Commission entrusted to us by Jesus.


  • Marriage Enrichment Retreat
  • Lectures on pre-marital matters
  • Camps, lectures and workshops on relationships for youths.
  • Public meetings and seminars
  • Production and provision of CD with teaching materials on mentality, marriage and family.
  • Publications such as pamphlets, magazines, and training materials.
  • Assist Chinese churches in promoting family ministry and provide consulting service.


Members of Board of Directors

  • Dr Peter CHIU
  • Mr Wing Hing & Viola CHOI
  • Rev Jason & Sharon FENG
  • Mr Derek & Pearly HO
  • Mr Peter & Agnes TAM
  • Prof San & Louisa THANG
  • Mr David WANG
  • Mr Simon & Frannie WU
  • Mr Joe & Linda ZHOU

Honorary President

  • Dr Joseph CHAN OAM

Chief Executive Officer

  • Mr Bill HUANG

Consulting Pastors

  • Rev Jackie CHAN
  • Rev Charles CHEUNG
  • Rev Kelvin KAM
  • Rev Dennis LAW

Financial Auditor

  • George Kemp & Associates

Designated Counsellors

  • Anselm CHOW
  • Iris YIP
  • Alice WONG
  • Connie HON


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